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    Yes: Someone Mashed Up 'Panda' With The Milkman’s Anthem And It’s Everything [1:55]
  2. 0:59
    This Man Proves Any Shirt Is Reversible [0:59]
  3. 1:18
    Report: Slamming Boss Against Wall, Shouting ‘Cash! I Need More Cash!’ Still Leading Tactic For Securing Raise [1:18]
  4. 1:24
    Area Woman Thinks All Of Her Friends Should Be Comedians [1:24]
  1. 1:18
    Police Find Super-Sharp Buck Knife [1:18]
  2. 2:57
    New BabySafe Ball Makes Shaking Your Infant Guilt And Injury Free [2:57]
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  4. Will La La Land's winning streak extend to Best Original Screenplay?

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    • StarFix
    • StarFix delivers your daily dose of all-important entertainment news and celebrity gossip from the world’s most depraved industry.
    • One Track Mind
    • A.V. Undercover: The Day Of The Dead
    • Surprise! It’s a brand new A.V. Undercover subseries, just for you. The Day Of The Dead edition celebrates the music of artists who have left this mortal coil in recent years. Leading up to the Mexican holiday, we’ll have several Day Of The Dead Undercover videos—presented by El Jimador Tequila.

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