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  1. A Helicopter Throne is the new smart car
  2. This founding father had it all figured out.
  3. A jigsaw puzzle combined with a tortilla chip combined with an ad.
  4. At Issue: Running into your ex-girlfriend at Thanksgiving.
  1. 0:48
    Coach Speedman demonstrate a flawless Poetry Slam Defense. Watch him in action. [0:48]
  2. Grievances
  3. Check out Coach Speedman show one man he’s more than some cheap bag of chips.
  4. Will this comic end up on Seeso or in hell?
  1. Meet the man behind the Dipstick 6S
  2. Never cough on the kosher ham
  3. History like you've never seen it before.
  4. Holiday Shopping By The Numbers
  1. Cheers
  2. 1:12
    Golf. The loud, crazy, at each other’s throat kind. [1:12]
  3. Bust a move with this rapping gas pump!
  4. Coughing on the elderly is not a thing
  1. Watch Coach Speedman execute the perfect Pickle Jar Snap.
  2. Nothing better than a hot shower and a cold froyo
  3. Important Dates In Egg History
  4. At Issue: Is Football Season Good?
  1. One Woman's Unexpected Love Story
  2. Can a gas pump save this relationship?
  3. Melk and Cookies
  4. U.S. history at its tastiest.
  1. Remember when cell phones had lipstick antennas?
  2. The Other Oil Guys Opening Ceremony
  3. Botched Chin Jobs and Seasonal Coughs
  4. Ladies, you get to make the first move with Bumble.
  1. Still have bills smaller than $100? Shred 'em!
  2. Once upon a time, watches were also electric groomers.
  3. Schematics of the Items in the Seriously Stylish Cheetos Store
  4. Black Friday By The Numbers
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