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  1. There's always money in the banana stand—but is there another season in Arrested Development?
  2. The A.V. Club tributes Zelda II by reciting a few Hyrulian-themed sonnets
  3. Our film critics dive into Rogue One and look ahead to Silence and Paterson
  4. We get roped into the brewing boxing match between Chris Brown, Soulja Boy, and rapping Mike Tyson
  1. Criminal's Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer take The A.V. Club's crime quiz
  2. The A.V. Club tries to read your mind
  3. The A.V. Club can’t wait to watch The Young Pope and Star Trek: Discovery
  4. Breaking down the White House press secretary long-running grudge against Dippin' Dots
  1. Should they still make Christmas movies?
  2. Silicon Valley’s Jimmy O. Yang is Abraham Lincoln’s wingman
  3. The classic Manhattan cocktail gets reimagined with rum
  4. Learn how to throw playing cards, Ricky Jay style
  1. The A.V. Club ponders if Haim is the next Taylor Swift
  2. The best and worst swag of 2016
  3. The A.V. Club discusses how Meryl Streep is more presidential than Donald Trump
  4. We're talking about Facebook's efforts to combat fake news
  1. Cheap Girls cover Counting Crows' "A Long December"
  2. Grunt author Mary Roach is an expert in 1-syllable book titles
  3. We're talking KFC's latest marketing stunt starring Fred Armisen
  4. Do The Young Pope's clues have to add up to anything?
  1. Everything about this A Dog's Purpose story just keeps getting worse
  2. We're running down the year's best TV shows, numbers 16-30
  3. Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg misstep back to Boston
  4. How should the Star Wars universe carry on without Carrie Fisher's Leia?
  1. Come discuss Trump's inauguration party before he dismantles us, too
  2. Our film critics are of one mind on Split
  3. It’s cold as shit so let’s make a trio of hot toddies
  4. What the heck is The Young Pope?
  1. 1:13
    Squee and squeal: Adorable little girls share their favorite pig jokes [1:13]
  2. Is Crackle really "the RC cola" of streaming services?
  3. The A.V. Club starts its day with a healthy beer advent calendar
  4. The A.V. Club discusses Netflix's A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Neil Patrick Harris, and the sugar bowl
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