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  1. Danny Boyle talks revisiting the original Trainspotting many years later
  2. Octavia Spencer and John Hawkes tell us the smallest crimes they’ve committed
  3. If you’ve seen one King Kong movie… you may still want to see the new one
  4. Adam Savage on why you can’t boil potatoes on Mount Everest
  1. The Sklar brothers love snacking on carbs
  2. HBO seeks to capitalize yet again on a batshit-crazy election
  3. Aubrey Plaza's Legion dance number blew our minds
  4. Will President Oprah Winfrey ever be a thing?
  1. We had the guys from HBO’s Animals make up R-rated stories for our cute little creatures
  2. Swedish musician Jens Lekman performs “To Know Your Mission” at A.V. Club HQ
  3. David's journey to the astral plane on Legion left us awestruck
  4. New York Times food columnist Melissa Clark on writing her 38th cookbook
  1. Danny Boyle explains why there’s so much running in his films
  2. Jurnee Smollett-Bell's Underground costars have her back
  3. Noam Pikelny performs "Redbud" live in the A.V. Club studio
  4. George Saunders on art and literature in the Trump era
  1. Danny Boyle on getting the timing right for T2 Trainspotting
  2. Cookbook author Melissa Clark reveals her secret for perfect, speedy roast chicken
  3. Octavia Spencer and John Hawkes want to make a buddy cop movie together
  4. Learn to make next-level tuna spread from New York Times food writer Melissa Clark
  1. 3:10
    Logan is too cool for a post-credits stinger [3:10]
  2. How far will Riverdale go with the Betty and Jughead relationship?
  3. Legion makes a "Rainbow Connection"
  4. Adam Savage knows why there aren’t many realistic space deaths on film
  1. Having escaped Twilight, Kristen Stewart finds a vehicle worthy of her talents
  2. We try to figure out who the hell watches NCIS on our new TV show
  3. Jen Kober loves fish food, but it’s not what you think
  4. Danny Boyle on the original Trainspotting, nostalgia, and collaborative filmmaking
  1. George Saunders on casting his 166-narrator audiobook
  2. Jens Lekman performs an acoustic version of "Wedding In Finistere"
  3. The deliberate, character-driven Logan stands apart from the superhero pack
  4. Noam Pikelny performs "Waveland" live in The A.V. Club studio
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