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  1. 1:02
    Brooke Alvarez Can Speak News In Any Language [1:02]
  2. 2:03
    Jim And Tracy Put On Fat Suits To See What Life Is Really Like For Awful Fat People [2:03]
  3. 3:22
    The Onion Reviews 'Jurassic World' [3:22]
  4. 2:45
    13-Year-Old Drinking Prodigy Accepted To Ohio State [2:45]
  1. 1:47
    Celebrity Chef Ted Allen Cooks His Favorite Pretentious Foodie Bullshit Meal [1:47]
  2. 1:08
    Study: Employees Happiest When Pretending To Work From Home [1:08]
  3. 1:08
    Republicans Reach Out To Women With New 'No Punch Pretty Lady' Bill [1:08]
  4. 2:41
    What Kind Of Mom Stick Is Right For You? [2:41]
  1. 4:09
    Johnny Depp Now Completely Made Of Scarves And Bracelets [4:09]
  2. 3:13
    The Onion Looks Back At 'The Goonies' [3:13]
  3. 2:50
    How To Spice Up The Romantic Wedding Moments Every Bride Shares With Her Father [2:50]
  4. 2:19
    Autistic Reporter, Michael Falk, Enchanted By Prison's Rigid Routine [2:19]
  1. 2:27
    The Seven Male Role Models Every Child Needs For A Healthy Upbringing [2:27]
  2. 1:55
    Kentucky Violated NCAA Rules While Recruiting Basketball-Playing Dog [1:55]
  3. 2:28
    How To Successfully Sue Other Moms Who Steal Your Parenting Tricks [2:28]
  4. 3:53
    The Onion Reviews 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' [3:53]
  1. 4:07
    Burger King Twitter Hack Forces Its 110,000 Followers To Survive Without Constant Stream Of Burger King Information [4:07]
  2. 1:55
    The Onion Introduces: The Book Bjorn [1:55]
  3. 0:57
    Baby-Naming Tips For New Moms [0:57]
  4. 1:18
    Grievances Brought Up With Powerless Supervisor [1:18]
  1. 2:47
    Packers Fan Announces He Will Return To Drinking For Another Season [2:47]
  2. 1:48
    The Key To Getting Pregnant Is Letting Everyone Know You’re Trying [1:48]
  3. 1:17
    New App Lets You Work For Your Company Even While You Sleep [1:17]
  4. 2:07
    CEO Says Office Shooting Could Not Have Come At A Worse Time For Company [2:07]
  1. 2:32
    Birthday Wish Wasted On Trying To Bring Dad Back [2:32]
  2. 4:09
    Who's Fucking? [4:09]
  3. 1:16
    Small Business Still Manages To Mistreat Workers Like Large Corporate Chain [1:16]
  4. 4:02
    Jared Leto Thanks Acting For Being An Easy Thing That Anybody Can Do [4:02]
  1. 3:08
    Sochi’s Euthanized Dogs To Be Returned To Streets After Olympics [3:08]
  2. 4:03
    Ten Years Later, Cheney Haunted By People He Didn't Manage To Kill In Iraq War [4:03]
  3. 4:05
    Pope Francis Resigns [4:05]
  4. 1:08
    James Holmes’ Arraignment Delayed As Court Struggles To Remember Which Mass Shooter He Is [1:08]

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