1. 3:09
    Lance Armstrong's Publicity Team Playing Up The 1993 Norway Road Race Title He Still Has [3:09]
  2. 2:48
    Ichiro Suzuki Convinces Yankee Teammates That It's Good Luck To Lick His Elbow [2:48]
  3. 2:47
    Chicago Cubs Combine Seven Players To Form One Giant Player Called "Chicagazor" [2:47]
  4. 3:02
    London Authorities Cracking Down On Dangerous "Night Olympics" [3:02]
  5. 2:58
    Coach K Hires Coxswain To Keep USA Basketball Team Motivated And In Rhythm [2:58]
  6. 2:47
    God Tells IOC President To Build Ark, Gather 2 Olympians From Each Sport [2:47]
  7. Penn State Offers Victims The Chance To Vandalize Joe Paterno's Statue
  8. 2:33
    Cubs Finally Remove Wrigley Field Ivy After Third Outfielder Hangs Himself On A Vine [2:33]