1. 2:57
    Pol Pot Conceived On Romantic Summer Evening [2:57]
  2. 3:17
    Construction Workers Realize They Put Erie Canal In Wrong Place [3:17]
  3. 3:24
    Reagan Accepts Republican Nomination, Vows Andre The Giant Will Be Body Slammed If Elected [3:24]
  4. 3:03
    13-Year-Old Becomes First American To Take Hot Air Balloon Flight, Urinate On A Crowd From 100 Feet In The Air [3:03]
  5. 3:49
    Release Of ‘The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust’ Popularizes Glam Rock, Glam Education, Glam Politics [3:49]
  6. 3:07
    Scopes Trial: Teacher Indicted After Monkey Called To Testify Fails To Turn Into A Human [3:07]
  7. 2:33
    First McDonald's Opens With A Young Grimace Just Starting Out As A Cashier [2:33]
  8. 2:59
    Alabama Hosts First Desegregated Mass Suicide [2:59]