1. Our critics take different sides on The Great Wall


  1. La La Land remains the Best Picture frontrunner among a strong set of nominees
  2. Does Casey Affleck still stand a chance at the Oscars?
  3. Could Isabelle Huppert be the Oscars’ dark horse?
  4. The Best Director race comes down to two brilliant upstarts
  1. Will La La Land's winning streak extend to Best Original Screenplay?
  2. Moonlight shines bright in the supporting Oscar race
  3. Our critics take different sides on The Great Wall
  4. Yeah, our critics are thinking John Wick is back
  1. Our film critics are of one mind on Split
  2. Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg misstep back to Boston
  3. Our film critics dive into Rogue One and look ahead to Silence and Paterson
  4. Our film critics debate Jackie and sing the praises of La La Land
  1. 8:02
    Two late-summer releases give “family film” a good name [8:02]
  2. 6:55
    At summer’s end, some movies that don’t suck [6:55]
  3. 7:33
    Is there anything to like about Suicide Squad? [7:33]
  4. 9:14
    Chasing Jason Bourne and catching up with Woody Allen [9:14]
  1. 7:28
    Is Star Trek Beyond worth the voyage? [7:28]
  2. 5:38
    Finally, some men give their opinions on Ghostbusters [5:38]
  3. 9:38
    What went wrong with The BFG? [9:38]
  4. 9:47
    Menacing models and farty boner corpses make it a weird weekend for movies [9:47]
  1. 9:46
    Finding Dory and picking favorites from the Pixar canon [9:46]
  2. 6:40
    Everything is bigger in The Conjuring 2 [6:40]
  3. 7:15
    Our critics go Through The Looking Glass and wish they hadn’t [7:15]
  4. 7:20
    Touring the surreal dystopias of The Lobster and High-Rise [7:20]
  1. 7:41
    Why our film team didn’t go wild for Disney’s new Jungle Book [7:41]
  2. 8:24
    Jocks, Nazi punks, and Jesse Eisenberg invade theaters [8:24]
  3. 7:36
    Our critics argue the case of Batman V Superman [7:36]
  4. 7:17
    Midnight Special and 10 Cloverfield Lane intentionally keep viewers in the dark [7:17]
  1. 7:41
    Does Knight Of Cups stack up to Terrence Malick’s best? [7:41]
  2. 8:29
    Fury Road, Carol, and the rest of our Oscar night favorites [8:29]
  3. 6:07
    Where does Hail, Caesar! rank in the Coen canon? [6:07]
  4. 5:56
    Our film staffers search their feelings about The Force Awakens [5:56]
  1. 7:05
    Early thoughts on Joy, and to a trip to the heart of the sea [7:05]
  2. 7:52
    A first look at The Revenant, with a stop in Chi-Raq [7:52]
  3. 6:31
    Is Creed too formulaic for its own good? [6:31]
  4. 7:27
    Talking Spectre and James Bond over martinis [7:27]
  1. 7:26
    Do you have to like Aaron Sorkin to like Steve Jobs? [7:26]
  2. 8:21
    Bridge Of Spies is another chatty triumph from Steven Spielberg [8:21]
  3. 5:47
    Pan is more fun to talk about than it is to watch [5:47]
  4. 5:44
    The Martian is basically Ridley Scott's Apollo 13 [5:44]
  1. 7:23
    The director of Independence Day takes on the Stonewall riots—what could go wrong? [7:23]
  2. 7:32
    Our film critics talk Black Mass, Sicario, and their Toronto favorites [7:32]
  3. 7:07
    Our film staff discusses M. Night Shyamalan’s return to form, The Visit [7:07]
  4. 5:55
    Does the Transporter series crash and burn without Jason Statham? [5:55]
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