1. Passing The Torch: Watch This Father Give His Daughter His Panini Before Walking Into The Forest Forever

    Every father knows just how special this moment is!


  1. Inspiring! This Supercut Of People Deleting The Files That Would Ruin Their Lives Is Seriously Uplifting
  2. Progress: Watch A Man With Hair Enter The All-Bald Gazebo For The First Time Ever
  3. Horrifying: LEAKED Footage Of Doctor Rolling Around In The Mud Before Surgery
  4. Racists Will Hate This Video
  1. These 6 People Singing Different Everclear Songs Simultaneously Will Make You Feel Feels
  2. NSFW: This Sexy Vid Of A Guy Putting A Tampon Into A Condom Is Driving Everyone Wild
  3. If This Video Doesn’t Make You A Vegetarian, Nothing Will
  4. This Man Is Reunited With His Twin 30 Years After Being Separated
  1. The Power Of Community: 6 People Own This Grapefruit
  2. Honoring Our Heroes: Woman Gives A Biscuit To A Man She Believes Is A Firefighter
  3. Eerie: This Compilation Proves That A Lone Seagull Has Been Following Obama Everywhere For Years
  4. Yowch! Watch This Man Get Hit Right In The Balls
  1. Passing The Torch: Watch This Father Give His Daughter His Panini Before Walking Into The Forest Forever
  2. Bittersweet Moment: Man Plays The NBC Jingle On The Grand Piano That Crushed His Son
  3. Inspiring If You Do Not Have Cantaloupe: This Man Has A Whole Shopping Cart Filled With Cantaloupe
  4. This Church Choir’s Rendition Of ‘Christ Cometh To My House And Eats All Of My Food’ Is Absolutely Stunning
  1. Share This Video On Your Sister’s Wall To Let Her Know You’re Not Speaking To Her Anymore!
  2. Total Choke: Employee Knocks Over Boiling Cauldron During The Most Important Board Meeting Of The Year
  3. Incredible: Soldier Surprises His Family By Returning To Afghanistan During His Son’s Football Game
  4. So Sweet! Watch This 7-Year-Old’s Reaction To Learning She’s Going To Harry Potter World
  1. Wow: If You’re Still An Undecided Voter After You Watch This Video, There’s Something Seriously Wrong With You
  2. 0:31
    Terrifying: This Man Names All The Horror Movie Villains That He Can Think Of [0:31]
  3. 0:26
    Beautiful: Cobra Honors The Troops [0:26]
  4. 0:51
    Eye Opening: This White Man Spends 45 Seconds Imagining What It Would Be Like To Be A Black Man In America [0:51]
  1. 0:58
    Heartbreaking: This Woman Sings ‘Love In An Elevator’ To Her Dying Mother Because It’s The Only Song She Knows The Lyrics To [0:58]
  2. 0:12
    Science FTW: When This Man’s Dog Took The Good Chair, He Used A Telescope To Shove It Off [0:12]
  3. 1:06
    Real Or Fake? This Man Eats A Taco Without Tilting His Head [1:06]
  4. 0:25
    What A Memory! This Grandmother Names The Race Of Everyone She Sees At The Grocery Store [0:25]
  1. 2:29
    Two Years Ago, This Man Was 500 Pounds. Now He Is Two Men Who Weigh 250 Pounds [2:29]
  2. 0:24
    Amazing! Venus Fly Trap Eats A $5 Bill [0:24]
  3. 1:35
    Things I’m Tired Of Hearing People Say Directly To My Sunburn [1:35]
  4. 0:51
    Inspiring: This Man Loves Drying His Hands, And He Doesn’t Care Who In the Elevator Knows It [0:51]
  1. 0:18
    Heartwarming: When This Man Ran Out Of Matches, He Stuck His Cigar Through His Mail Slot And A Kind Stranger Lit It For Him [0:18]
  2. 1:25
    Absolutely Beautiful: Watch This Woman Tell Her Husband She’s Pregnant While Conan O’Brien Pours Good Milk Down The Sink [1:25]
  3. 0:50
    Having A Baby Girl? Post This Video On Your Facebook Wall To Reveal Her Gender To Your Friends And Family [0:50]
  4. 1:32
    Watch This Woman’s Powerful Reaction After Being Given More Eyebrows [1:32]
  1. 0:22
    True Hero: When This Guy Saw A Dog Locked In A Hot Car, He Leapt Into Action [0:22]
  2. 1:19
    Deeply Moving: This Man Eats One Ruffle For Each Person Who Died On Kilimanjaro This Year [1:19]
  3. 0:22
    Appalling: This Disturbing Cell Phone Footage Captures Frat Brothers Mercilessly Berating A Very Old Rabbit [0:22]
  4. 0:11
    Infuriating: Man Licks Cone Instead Of Ice Cream [0:11]
  1. 0:49
    Powerful: Watch These Two Strangers Agree To Never Murder Each Other [0:49]
  2. 2:49
    Finally: ‘The Milkman’s Anthem’ Music Video Is Here [2:49]
  3. 1:55
    Yes: Someone Mashed Up 'Panda' With The Milkman’s Anthem And It’s Everything [1:55]
  4. 2:22
    Get Ready To Feel Goosebumps: Here Is The Epic New Olympic Anthem [2:22]
  1. 0:37
    Devastating: These Women Attempt To Shake Hands, But Are Too Far Away [0:37]
  2. 1:01
    Believe It: Phyllis Is In The Wagon [1:01]
  3. 0:20
    Awful: Bus Doesn’t Stop To Help After Woman Spills Entire Box Of Pens [0:20]
  4. 0:35
    Inefficient: This Man Is Using Two Lit Torches In Broad Daylight [0:35]
  1. 0:44
    Beautiful: Shy Man Hiding Small Finds The Courage To Reveal Himself [0:44]
  2. 1:18
    Absolutely Adorable: Watch This Man Wake Up His Son At 3 A.M. To Explain What Ronin Samurai Are [1:18]
  3. 2:34
    Women Describe What It’s Like Giving Birth [2:34]
  4. 0:36
    Eeep! The Rats In New York City Are Getting WAY Too Brave [0:36]
  1. 1:08
    This Pleasant Footage Of Macarons Is Only Intended For Presbyterian Viewers [1:08]
  2. 0:30
    Heartbreaking: Fisherman Struggles To Pronounce ‘Christ’ [0:30]
  3. 1:50
    Incredible: Man Puts On Sunscreen To Drink Stolen Wine [1:50]
  4. 0:22
    Justice Porn: Watch This Man Get Revenge On The Wall Street Banker Who Cheated Him Out Of His Retirement Savings [0:22]
  1. 0:12
    Watch This Pilot Realize He Forgot To Land The Plane [0:12]
  2. 3:11
    It’s Beautiful. And It’s All For Her. [3:11]
  3. 2:57
    This Spot-On Video Absolutely Nails The Republican Debates [2:57]
  4. 0:58
    The Future Of Driving: Tesla Just Unveiled A Car That Automatically Apologizes When It Hits Someone [0:58]
  1. 0:29
    Disrespectful: Man Covers Up The American Flag With His Own Flag [0:29]
  2. 1:01
    Beautiful: Israelis And Palestinians Join The Same Google Doc [1:01]
  3. 0:49
    Beautiful: Watch This Woman Use A Raw Steak To Bang Out The Word ‘Equality’ In Morse Code On The Hood Of Her Car [0:49]
  4. 2:06
    This Stunning Footage Of A Distant Oyster Exchange Will Blow You Away [2:06]
  1. 2:27
    No Way! A Conga Line Of Just Bennys? And Who's The Caboose? [2:27]
  2. 1:36
    This Father's Reaction To His Son Coming Out Is Perfect [1:36]
  3. 0:31
    Watch The Joy In This Woman’s Face When A Kind Stranger Gives A Different Woman A Cactus [0:31]
  4. 0:29
    Beautiful Tribute: Man Places A Bag Of Apples At His Boss’s Friend’s Grave [0:29]
  1. 0:20
    Beautiful: Man Stands 5 Feet Away From The Salad Bar While Browsing [0:20]
  2. 1:09
    Pretty Good, Considering: This Guy Sinks 3 Out Of 10 Threes After Being Told His Parents Are Separating [1:09]
  3. 0:35
    Doing Her Part: This Woman Threw A Life Jacket Into A Lake Just In Case Someone Needs It [0:35]
  4. 0:06
    Heartbreaking: Man Drops All His Gift Cards In Urinal [0:06]
  1. 1:42
    Inspiring! People Of All Races Are Welcome To Play This Piano [1:42]
  2. 1:56
    A Man Who Likes Dogs Reacts To The ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Trailer [1:56]
  3. 1:38
    This Recently Found Footage Of JD Salinger Will Blow You Away [1:38]
  4. 0:44
    Unprecedented: A Baby Wearing 13 Rings [0:44]
  1. 0:18
    News Anchor Has Total Meltdown On Live TV [0:18]
  2. 0:22
    Post This Video On Your Facebook Page If You’ve Recently Been In A Car Accident [0:22]
  3. 1:25
    Don’t Have Headphones At Work? This Video Warns You Every Time A Man Smashes Metal So You Can Lower The Volume [1:25]
  4. 1:06
    Awesome: This ‘Back To The Future’ Trailer Makes It Look Like The Story Happened During Hurricane Andrew [1:06]
  1. 2:03
    Probably Illegal: This Man Guesses The Combination For The Vault At Fort Knox For Two Minutes Straight [2:03]
  2. 1:53
    Incredible: Watch This Team Of Hollywood Costume Designers Transform This Man Into Dilbert Over The Course Of 4 Hours [1:53]
  3. 2:23
    Beautiful: This Video Shows Why We Need Diversity In Hollywood [2:23]
  4. 1:38
    Talking Dirty: This Awesome Sex Expert Asks All The Awkward Sex Questions You’ve Been Too Afraid To Ask [1:38]
  1. 0:32
    Heartbreaking: There Is Nobody In The Bathroom These People Are In Line For [0:32]
  2. 0:06
    This Video Zooms In On A Goose To Simulate What It’s Like To Have A Goose Charge At You [0:06]
  3. 0:39
    Human Triumph: We Put A Video Of A Cheetah Next To A Sped-Up Video Of A Man Sprinting To See Who Would Win In A Race [0:39]
  4. 6:19
    Halfwit Idiot Peels Orange At Wife’s Funeral LONG VERSION NO SOUND [6:19]
  1. 1:05
    So Long, Old Friend: Bowling Ball Gets Its Holes Filled With Cement [1:05]
  2. 0:13
    Disgusting! Rotting Body Of Beached Whale Explodes [0:13]
  3. 0:28
    Oh: This Panda Has A Measured Reaction To Snow [0:28]
  4. 1:03
    Someone Built A World In ‘Minecraft’ Where 9/11 Never Happened And It’s Incredible [1:03]
  1. 0:24
    Tremendous: Woman Wakes Up From Dream About Soda [0:24]
  2. 1:52
    Beyond Horrible: Cell Phone Footage Captures High School Bullies Mugging A Classmate In Broad Daylight [1:52]
  3. 3:18
    This Rare Footage Of Dr. Seuss Discussing His Greatest Works Will Fill You With Hope And Wonder [3:18]
  4. 1:23
    Watch This Comedian Perfectly Shut Down A Heckler [1:23]
  1. 0:20
    Above And Beyond: This Man Names All The Great Lakes Plus A Few Extra Ones [0:20]
  2. 1:30
    Infuriating: This Man Blows Out A Series Of Candles And After Each One Says That He Just Blew Out The Olympic Torch [1:30]
  3. 1:32
    Thanks For The Music: A Tribute To Cole Porter [1:32]
  4. 0:11
    Must-See TV: Jimmy Fallon Hosted An Impromptu ‘Friends’ Reunion On ‘The Tonight Show’ Last Night And It Was Everything [0:11]
  1. 0:59
    Stunning: These Plus-Size Models Are Beautiful Even If They’re Sprinting Across The Screen Too Quickly To Get A Good Look At [0:59]
  2. 0:37
    This Man Imagines What A Bad Day At The Zoo Would Be Like [0:37]
  3. 1:51
    This House’s Amazing Christmas Lights Display Is Set To The ‘Coffee Is For Closers’ Speech from ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ [1:51]
  4. 0:49
    Afraid No More: Watch This Man Deliberately Step In Dog Shit [0:49]
  1. 0:15
    Incredible! This Man Can Remember Part Of Every ‘Sex And The City’ Character’s Name [0:15]
  2. 0:56
    Heartwarming! Watch The Joy On This Little Boy’s Face When He Learns His Dad Is Going Off To War [0:56]
  3. 0:26
    Awesome! This Guy Describes The Touchdown Dance He Would Do [0:26]
  4. 2:25
    This Was Almost The Intro For ‘The Sopranos’ [2:25]
  1. 0:16
    Forbidden: This Car Crosses A Crosswalk [0:16]
  2. 0:29
    So Good: Baristas Pull Amazing Prank On Their Manager [0:29]
  3. 1:33
    We Put 8 Teens In A Room With A Gun And Pretty Soon Human Nature Took Over [1:33]
  4. 0:38
    Much Better! Someone Recut The ‘Thelma & Louise’ Ending To Be Body-Positive [0:38]
  1. 1:20
    The Wait Is Over: The Man With The Rope Is Back And He’s More Damp Than Ever [1:20]
  2. 0:06
    Want To Jump In A Leaf Pile? This Simulator Is Here To Help [0:06]
  3. 2:13
    Latest Attack: ISIS Just Replaced The 'Friends' Laugh Track With Someone Making Negative Comments About Ross [2:13]
  4. 0:22
    Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum Have The Best Bromance Ever [0:22]
  1. 0:06
    Awesome! This Man Can List Nearly Every ‘Back To The Future’ Movie [0:06]
  2. 6:11
    We Don’t Know How To Make GIFs, So We Had This Guy Make A Surprised Face 200 Times In A Row [6:11]
  3. 2:47
    Get The Tissues Ready: The 10 Saddest TV Deaths Of All Time [2:47]
  4. 1:21
    Weird Thoughts Everyone Who Believes Airports Are Jails For Planes Has [1:21]
  1. 0:30
    Too Cute! Watch This 5-Year-Old’s Reaction To Learning He’s Going To Be A Twin Brother [0:30]
  2. 1:27
    This Eye-Opening Video Lets You Know How Much Each Member Of The Bush Family Currently Weighs [1:27]
  3. 2:00
    This Thought-Provoking Video Shows What The World Would Be Like If No One Smoked [2:00]
  4. 1:03
    Inspiring: Watch This Man Use Every Inch Of A Tissue [1:03]
  1. 0:32
    Check Out This Amazing Time-Lapse Of One Woman's Road Trip To The Store [0:32]
  2. 2:51
    Can’t Go On Reddit At Work? This Man Checks It Out For You [2:51]
  3. 0:14
    So Sweet! Watch This Sleepy Bear Cub Come Out Of His Burrow After A Long Hibernation [0:14]
  4. 0:13
    Real Or Fake? This Man Walks Up A Staircase Without Once Touching The Railings [0:13]
  1. 0:55
    Sickening: Someone Made A Tribute To Bugs [0:55]
  2. 1:05
    This Watchdog Group Is Making Sure Police Officers Always Wear GoPros When They Do Extreme Sports [1:05]
  3. 1:00
    Heartbreaking: Twin Brothers Beg Themselves To Stop Wrestling [1:00]
  4. 0:09
    Wow: This Complex Goose Flying Formation Proves Just How Amazing Birds Are [0:09]
  1. 1:16
    Beautiful! This Woman Eventually Gets Her USB Cord Plugged In [1:16]
  2. 2:10
    This 4-Year-Old’s Smile Is Absolutely Adorable If You Can Make It Through The First Two Minutes Of Her Blank Stare [2:10]
  3. 2:19
    He's Palestinian. She's Israeli. Both Of Them Incorrectly Summarize The Movie 'Blade' [2:19]
  4. 2:26
    Outrage Fans Rejoice! This Man Says A Series Of Offensive Statements And Then Stands There Quietly So That You Can Yell At Him [2:26]
  1. 0:41
    This One-Man A Cappella Cover Of 'Bad Blood' Is Incredible [0:41]
  2. 0:21
    If You Thought Blimps Couldn't Go Backwards You're In For A Shock [0:21]
  3. 0:12
    Wow: Watch This Woman Totally Shut Down A Catcaller [0:12]
  4. 0:36
    So Cool. This Guy Tells Us What He’d Do If He Ever Got On The Jumbotron [0:36]
  1. 0:17
    Incredible: Man Names Several Pokémon [0:17]
  2. 1:54
    This Memorial To The Cast Of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Hopefully Won’t Be Needed Anytime Soon [1:54]
  3. 1:29
    McDonald’s Vs. ‘Healthy’ Restaurants: We Threw Both At This Man [1:29]
  4. 1:27
    We Made Bakers Watch Their Loaves Be Turned Into Bread Bowls [1:27]
  1. 0:18
    Oof! Watch This Guy Get Kicked Right In The Crunchbasket [0:18]
  2. 0:40
    Freaky: These Are The Same 2 Cars [0:40]
  3. 1:24
    Things Only Your BFF Does For You [1:24]
  4. 1:48
    Victory: Lawnmower On Pavement [1:48]
  1. 0:50
    This Moving Speech Of 'The West Wing' Is Still Powerful Even When Heard Through A Wall [0:50]
  2. 1:18
    American National Anthem. Australian Flag. The Results Are Beautiful. [1:18]
  3. 0:23
    Probably Illegal: This Man Is Sitting At A Playground With 2 Live Crabs In His Hands [0:23]
  4. 0:59
    This Man Proves Any Shirt Is Reversible [0:59]
  1. 1:50
    Turn On Private Browsing Mode Now, Because You Don’t Want Anyone To Catch You Watching This [1:50]
  2. 2:15
    This Guy Perfectly Explains Global Warming Probably [2:15]
  3. 1:43
    This Incredible Video Proves That All Bodies Are Beautiful And The Government Lied About How They Killed Bin Laden [1:43]
  4. 0:44
    Watch This Breathtaking Slow Motion Footage Of A Thumbs Up [0:44]
  1. 2:51
    Watch These Amazing Fan Reactions To The Shocking 'Game Of Thrones' Finale [2:51]
  2. 2:02
    Towels Explained In 90 Seconds [2:02]
  3. 8:52
    Heartwarming: Watch This Dad Totally Accept His Gay Son Coming Out And Then Eat 12 Tacos [8:52]
  4. 0:34
    Sorry, We Slowed Down This Video Of A Hummingbird Too Much [0:34]
  1. 2:04
    The 7 Things You Should Do Whenever You Check Into A Hotel [2:04]
  2. 1:12
    Don’t Understand Bitcoin? This Man Will Mumble An Explanation At You [1:12]
  3. 0:49
    Whoa: One Door, Two People [0:49]
  4. 1:54
    Incredible! Printers Print Joes [1:54]
  1. 0:19
    Eerie: All The Clouds Are Gone [0:19]
  2. 2:15
    Healing Old Wounds: This Man Facebook Friended A Guy He Used To Bully And Invited Him To Like Sublime [2:15]
  3. 1:07
    Beautiful: Gay Couple Argues In Parking Lot [1:07]
  4. 2:18
    Amazing! Caring Neighbors Replaced This Couple's Poorly Behaved Son With A Well-Mannered Adult! [2:18]
  1. 0:43
    What Does It Look Like When Popcorn Pops In Slow Motion? This Man Gives His Best Guess [0:43]
  2. 0:56
    This Song Was Originally Going To Be The ‘Jaws’ Theme Until John Williams Changed His Mind At The Last Minute [0:56]
  3. 1:09
    Don’t Believe The Hype: This Can Has No Peas In It [1:09]
  4. 0:54
    Amazing: Time Lapse Video Shows How A Flower Grows [0:54]
  1. 0:09
    We Threw A GoPro At Our Stepdad [0:09]
  2. 1:42
    Share This Video With Someone In Your Life Named Sarah! [1:42]
  3. 1:59
    Relax. The Beautiful Woman You See In The Thumbnail Will Show Up Eventually. [1:59]
  4. 1:07
    Yes! Ham Goes Up An Escalator [1:07]
  1. 1:05
    ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Builds Elaborate Tribute In Minecraft [1:05]
  2. 1:07
    This Picture Of Martin Luther King Jr. Is In A Wheelchair And It's Beautiful [1:07]
  3. 1:06
    Amazing! Watch This Man Think About 25 Birds In One Minute! [1:06]
  4. 2:13
    Need A Eulogy? This Man Has You Covered [2:13]
  1. 1:28
    This Spoken Word Poem Is Amazing Even If It Appears To Be Mainly About Don Henley [1:28]
  2. 0:51
    Beautiful! Night Vision Camera Captures 2 Men Meeting Up In The Woods To Practice Cartwheels [0:51]
  3. 2:20
    Heartbreakingly Adorable: Watch This Mother Explain Death To Her Child [2:20]
  4. 0:17
    We Put A GoPro On A Sparrow [0:17]
  1. 1:48
    Watch This Atheist Disprove Religion [1:48]
  2. 0:25
    Watch This Scene Cut From 'Boyhood' Get Thrown In A River! [0:25]
  3. 2:15
    Wow This Father Pulled Out All The Stops To Ensure His Daughter’s First Memory Is His Smiling Face [2:15]
  4. 0:29
    We Put A Microphone On A BMX Biker [0:29]
  1. 0:40
    This 40-Year-Old Man Breaks Down Crying. Thirty Seconds Later, We're Crying Too [0:40]
  2. 2:06
    Incredible! These Teachers And Students Surprised Their Janitor With A $2,000 Mop [2:06]
  3. 1:48
    Whoever Said You Can’t Wear Raincoats Indoors Clearly Has Never Met This Wandering Group Of Men [1:48]
  4. 1:58
    If You’re Choking, You Need To Watch This [1:58]
  1. 2:06
    7 Tips For Meeting Your Girlfriend's Parents [2:06]
  2. 0:24
    The Next LeBron James? This Baby Is Wearing A Giant Pair Of Basketball Shorts [0:24]
  3. 1:25
    This Breathtaking Footage Of People Googling Great Family Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity [1:25]
  4. 2:36
    Learn To Play The Way You Feel When Your Daughter Says She Hates You On Guitar [2:36]
  1. 0:15
    Eye-Opening: This Pit Bull May Look Scary At First, But Then You Realize It’s Adorable [0:15]
  2. 3:27
    Need An Email Address? Let This Woman Give You Some Incredible Suggestions! [3:27]
  3. 1:46
    Get The Tissues Ready! When This Man Retired From His Job After 45 Years, His Coworkers Came Together And Wrote Him A List Of Good Guitar Players [1:46]
  4. 1:43
    Beautiful. Listen To This Father And His Young Son Tell Each Other How Much They Love Each Other After We Altered Their Voices To Be The Same Pitch [1:43]
  1. 1:02
    We Told This Child That Letting Go Of His Balloon Would Make A Plane Crash And He Did It Anyway [1:02]
  2. 1:49
    This App Will Change The Way You Listen To Music [1:49]
  3. 2:18
    Decoding Body Language: 7 Ways To Tell Someone Is Attracted To You [2:18]
  4. 2:37
    Could This One Simple Trick Stop The Global Pollution Problem? [2:37]
  1. 1:54
    This Woman Wrote An Amazing Letter To Her Younger Self [1:54]
  2. 1:10
    ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Rejoice! The Guy In This Loud Bar Will Play You The Season 5 Trailer On His Phone [1:10]
  3. 1:10
    We Put An XTR90 ExtremeCam On A Skier And It’s Just As Good As A GoPro [1:10]
  4. 1:21
    You’ll Never Believe How Many Caterpillars Crawl Out Of The Mouth Of This Picture Of Bill Clinton [1:21]
  1. 3:00
    Amazing! This Weathervane Points To Wherever The Nearest Murder Is Happening! [3:00]
  2. 2:10
    Amazing! Customer Surprises Hardworking Pizza Delivery Driver With His Own Pizza [2:10]
  3. 1:35
    Beautiful! Watch These Men Take Turns Explaining The Premise Of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ To One Another [1:35]
  4. 2:23
    Don’t Know The Lyrics To ‘The Dark Knight Rises?’ Sing Along Anyway! [2:23]
  1. 2:08
    These Criminals Picked The Right Guy To Mess With [2:08]
  2. 1:12
    What English Sounds Like To Non-Speakers [1:12]
  3. 1:11
    Seeing This Elderly Couple Dance With Each Other Will Absolutely Make Your Day [1:11]
  4. 1:22
    Priest’s First Time In Snow [1:22]
  1. 1:06
    This Goofy Puppy Goes Absolutely Bonkers When You Give Him Chicken [1:06]
  2. 2:44
    WATCH: Family Unboxing [2:44]
  3. 2:51
    Watch This Man’s Face When He Sees What He Would Look Like As A Tiny Little Man! [2:51]
  4. 2:02
    We Couldn’t Reunite The Cast Of ‘The Office,’ So We Just Had All These People Walk Into A Room One At A Time While The Theme Song Played [2:02]
  1. 3:04
    Weird Things Mountains Do When Nobody Is Looking [3:04]
  2. 5:07
    Watch This Kind Stranger Put A Blanket On A Mailbox [5:07]
  3. 1:29
    Please Imagine That Ted Danson Is In This Video Asking You For Change [1:29]
  4. 4:02
    Watch This Elderly Man Listen To One Direction For The Last Time [4:02]
  1. 2:07
    Awesome! This Man Wore A GoPro While Doing Squats On The Brooklyn Bridge [2:07]
  2. 3:07
    How To Tell If The Milk’s Gone Bad [3:07]
  3. 1:19
    Home For The Holidays! The 8 People You Always Run Into [1:19]
  4. 1:43
    Awesome! These Guys Say The Coolest Skateboard Tricks! [1:43]
  1. 2:01
    They Laughed At First, But By The End They Were On Their Feet [2:01]
  2. 2:14
    This Woman’s Cover Of The Beatles’ ‘Good Fun’ Is Incredible [2:14]
  3. 2:06
    This Guy Had The Perfect Reaction To Watching His Favorite Team Lose [2:06]
  4. 3:06
    Is This The Future Of Reading? [3:06]
  1. 9:49
    Need A Pretzel Buddy? This Guy Has You Covered [9:49]
  2. 3:04
    Even The Cars Stop To Watch This Incredible Street Performer [3:04]
  3. 2:04
    All Religions Are Beautiful [2:04]
  4. 2:18
    If Darth Vader Was Your Table [2:18]
  1. 1:47
    Worst Music Video Ever? [1:47]
  2. 1:53
    If Only All Dads Cared As Much About Protecting Their Kids From Birds Of Prey As This One [1:53]
  3. 5:07
    Inspirational! Deaf Woman Hears Music For The First Time [5:07]
  4. 2:28
    How To Make Your Cat Into A Celebrity [2:28]
  1. 1:04
    Cat Is Terrified Of Its Own Reflection! [1:04]
  2. 2:54
    What Does It Mean To Be A Man? [2:54]
  3. 10:27
    Oh Man! 10 Full Minutes Of Kissing! Nice. [10:27]
  4. 3:57
    WATCH: Suspicious Package Unboxing [3:57]
  1. 1:51
    This Man Stripped Down In Case There’s Any Charity Out There That Needs That [1:51]
  2. 2:07
    This Powerful Texting While Crouch-Walking PSA Will Move You [2:07]
  3. 1:13
    If Black People Said The Things My Doctor Says [1:13]
  4. 1:31
    Will You Click This Picture Of A Sexy Woman, Even If We Tell You That The Video Just Shows Nature Footage? [1:31]
  1. 1:24
    Fall In Love With Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ All Over Again With This Beautiful Timpani Cover [1:24]
  2. 5:08
    Stupid Criminal Puts Money INTO The Bank [5:08]
  3. 2:38
    37 Dogs Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day [2:38]
  4. 1:31
    5 Foods You’ve Been Eating Completely Wrong [1:31]
  1. 4:04
    Absolutely Adorable! This Company Let This Man’s Son Tell Him He’s Fired [4:04]
  2. 1:01
    Finally! This App Tells You Whenever Your Parents Are Having Sex [1:01]
  3. 3:01
    Watch The White Building Closely [3:01]
  4. 2:23
    Soldier Returning From Afghanistan Surprises Total Stranger [2:23]
  1. 1:00
    Cry. [1:00]
  2. 2:10
    WATCH: Burrito Unboxing [2:10]
  3. 4:22
    WATCH: A Recap Of Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Spaderville’ [4:22]
  4. 10:00
    Sorry, This Video Of A Flower Growing Probably Should Have Been Sped Up, Not Slowed Down [10:00]
  1. 1:16
    This Teen Has An Inspiring Message For His Bully, Then Gets Totally Owned By The Bully’s Surprisingly Convincing Rebuttal [1:16]
  2. 3:01
    This Kid Is Definitely Going To Hell [3:01]
  3. 4:06
    MUST SEE: Worst Somersault EVER!!! [4:06]
  4. 2:51
    This Video Perfectly Sums Up Everything You Need To Know About Sexism In America [2:51]
  1. 0:08
    Insane Speed-Reader Tears Through 2,500-Word Warranty Agreement In 4 Seconds [0:08]
  2. 5:03
    If You Still Don’t Believe Hungry People Exist, Watch This [5:03]
  3. 3:00
    This Man Is Not Rob Dibble, Former Relief Pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, But We Asked Him For His Autograph Anyway [3:00]
  4. 2:54
    WATCH: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ With More Laughter Added In [2:54]
  1. 1:17
    Nature Is Beautiful And Here’s Video Evidence [1:17]
  2. 1:26
    You’ll Never Have To Climb Stairs Again Thanks To This Amazing New Product [1:26]
  3. 1:09
    We Get Some Kids Riled Up For Pizza And Then Leave [1:09]
  4. 2:07
    We Caught Lightning On Camera From A Plane Window And That Sounded Like Something You Might Like [2:07]
  1. 4:03
    Inspiring! This Dad Lowered His Basketball Rim To Dunk On His Daughter [4:03]
  2. 1:03
    Incredible! This Man Can Name All The Beatles [1:03]
  3. 3:00
    WATCH: We Taught A Fish To Dance [3:00]
  4. 2:49
    If You Don’t Think You Have Any Racial Prejudices, You Better Watch This Video [2:49]
  1. 3:06
    Adorable! Watch This 8-Year-Old Slowly Realize That His Dad’s Not All That Special [3:06]
  2. 2:54
    Watch This Video Of A Man Being Reunited With A Guy He Kind Of Knew In High School [2:54]
  3. 1:28
    This 6-Year-Old Guitarist Is Adorable, But My Solos Are Amazing [1:28]
  4. 1:06
    WATCH: Mustard Comes Out Of A Ketchup Bottle! [1:06]
  1. 3:01
    This Woman Tried To Put Chapstick On A Cat And It’s Definitely Not Going Viral [3:01]
  2. 1:19
    Looking For Love? This App Finds Nearby Objects You Can Have Sex With! [1:19]
  3. 1:11
    We Put A GoPro Camera On A Cyclist’s Head But He Didn’t Feel Like Going For A Bike Ride Today [1:11]
  4. 3:00
    This Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave A Grave That Has Peanut Butter On It [3:00]
  1. 2:06
    Incredible! Man Kisses 3 Lemons And Then Goes To Sleep [2:06]
  2. 4:23
    Guy Misses 33 Consecutive Half-Court Shots [4:23]
  3. 2:34
    Amazing! This Boy Saw Heaven During His Near-Death Experience! [2:34]
  4. 2:04
    We Didn’t Have Access To A Gun Or Slow-Motion Camera, So We Just Hit This Cantaloupe With A Hatchet [2:04]
  1. 2:24
    How These Compassionate Parents Were Able To Give Their Child’s Murderer A Piggyback Ride [2:24]
  2. 1:33
    This Gay Couple And Their Child Are Adorable, Perfect, And Totally Unaware We’ve Been Following Them All Day [1:33]
  3. 1:43
    Best Priest Ever! [1:43]
  4. 5:02
    The Teletubbies Slowed Down 500% Is Horrifying, But No More So Than Daily Life [5:02]
  1. 1:53
    This Man’s Explanation Of The Government Shutdown Is Perfect, Months Too Late, And Inconvenient For Everyone Around Him [1:53]
  2. 1:04
    We Put A GoPro On Grandpa To See What Heaven Looked Like [1:04]
  3. 1:08
    Cutest Proposal Video Ever! [1:08]
  4. 2:28
    Amazing! Watch How This One Startup Is Changing The Way We Get Around [2:28]
  1. 4:02
    Watch This Crazy Street Fight (WARNING: Violence) [4:02]
  2. 2:26
    Man Locks Himself In Hot Car To Prove That Babies And Dogs Are Cowards [2:26]
  3. 2:02
    Watch A 20-Year-Old Experience The Exact Moment That McDonald’s Stops Being A Treat [2:02]
  4. 1:15
    This Man Adopted A Shelter Dog And Named It Riley. We Were Kinda Hoping The Rest Of The Video Would Take Care Of Itself [1:15]
  1. 4:09
    What’s Happening In Gaza Will Shock You, So Watch This Instead [4:09]
  2. 2:11
    WATCH: Man Sees His Family For First Time After 27 Years Holding His Hand Over His Eyes [2:11]
  3. 1:05
    You Can Write Whatever You Want On A Baby...And Here’s The Proof. [1:05]
  4. 5:07
    Never Pay For Office Supplies Again With This Easy Trick [5:07]
  1. 0:07
    You’ll Never Look At A Twinkie The Same Way Again [0:07]
  2. 5:08
    Adorable Hedgehogs You Can Look At For As Long As You Want, As Long As You Can Also Tolerate The Sounds Of A Man Chewing Loudly [5:08]
  3. 3:04
    If You Can’t Tell What’s Going On Here There’s Something Wrong With You [3:04]
  4. 2:06
    This Little Boy’s Grandfather Started To Cry ... And His Reaction Will Blow You Away [2:06]
  1. 2:08
    We Tried To Throw A Rock At This Boat [2:08]
  2. 1:07
    This Video Will Drastically Change The Way Pitbulls Think About You [1:07]
  3. 1:03
    This Video Will Make You Go Back To The Original Way You Thought About Pitbulls [1:03]
  4. 3:01
    This Video Will Not Play Into The Way You Think About Pitbulls Whatsoever [3:01]
  1. 2:00
    This Video Will Make You Rethink The Way You Think About Pitbulls Forever [2:00]
  2. 3:01
    Got Three Minutes? This Video Will Confirm That [3:01]
  3. 1:10
    EXCLUSIVE: Pregame Footage From Inside The U.S. World Cup Team’s Locker Room [1:10]
  4. 2:06
    You’ve Never Eaten A Bagel Like This Before [2:06]
  1. 3:00
    A Moment Of Courage In 30 Seconds [3:00]
  2. 1:32
    This 43-Year-Old Man Won’t Let Himself Be Defined By Barbie’s Beauty Standards [1:32]
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Bonus Videos

  1. Devastating: Woman Eats Sandwich Out Of Bowl
  2. 0:16
    Shameful: Man Finds Out The Time From A Clock He DOES NOT OWN [0:16]
  3. 1:38
    Awesome: They’re Releasing A Version Of The Graduate With An Arrow Pointing To Dustin Hoffman At All Times [1:38]
  4. 0:29
    Incredible! This Man Sat In Something Wet And Didn't Know What To Do So He Just Stayed [0:29]
  1. 2:42
    Finally: They’re Replacing The Tornado Siren With A Ballad Called ‘No One Can Outrun The Wind’ Pt. 2 [2:42]
  2. 0:22
    Finally: They’re Replacing The Tornado Siren With A Ballad Called ‘No One Can Outrun The Wind’ Pt. 1 [0:22]
  3. 0:10
    Awesome: Someone Recreated The Scene From ‘Die Hard’ Where An Airplane Touches Down In Los Angeles [0:10]
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