1. We're talking about Facebook's efforts to combat fake news


  1. Noam Pikelny performs "Waveland" live in The A.V. Club studio
  2. New York Times food columnist Melissa Clark on writing her 38th cookbook
  3. Cookbook author Melissa Clark reveals her secret for perfect, speedy roast chicken
  4. Noam Pikelny performs "Redbud" live in the A.V. Club studio
  1. Learn to make next-level tuna spread from New York Times food writer Melissa Clark
  2. Aubrey Plaza's Legion dance number blew our minds
  3. Jens Lekman performs an acoustic version of "Wedding In Finistere"
  4. How far will Riverdale go with the Betty and Jughead relationship?
  1. HBO seeks to capitalize yet again on a batshit-crazy election
  2. Legion makes a "Rainbow Connection"
  3. Swedish musician Jens Lekman performs “To Know Your Mission” at A.V. Club HQ
  4. Jurnee Smollett-Bell's Underground costars have her back
  1. 3:10
    Logan is too cool for a post-credits stinger [3:10]
  2. George Saunders on casting his 166-narrator audiobook
  3. George Saunders on art and literature in the Trump era
  4. Will President Oprah Winfrey ever be a thing?
  1. David's journey to the astral plane on Legion left us awestruck
  2. How do otherwise smart people fall for a catfisher?
  3. Catfish's Nev and Max trace the evolution of catfishing
  4. Is ordering a $54 steak well done and dunking it in ketchup a crime?
  1. The Catfish episode that made Nev and Max believe in the supernatural
  2. Oh Pep! performs "Doctor Doctor" in The A.V. Club studio
  3. Are the dream sequences in Legion becoming the most important part of the show?
  4. 4:39
    No matter what he did, Guillermo Del Toro couldn't get Hellboy 3 made [4:39]
  1. The A.V. Club gets a special performance from Australian folk duo Oh Pep!
  2. Oh Pep! performs “Trouble Now” in the A.V. Club studio
  3. Joel Hodgson explains the “kabuki” of the new Mystery Science Theater 3000
  4. What is the worst movie the Mystery Science Theater guys have ever seen?
  1. Jess and Vince forever: Jurnee Smollett-Bell recalls her time on Friday Night Lights
  2. A few “contemporary” references you might hear in the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000
  3. Jurnee Smollett-Bell on colorism and Hollywood's treatment of women
  4. Is Lenny the role of a lifetime for Aubrey Plaza?
  1. Was announcing the new Bachelorette worth spoiling this season?
  2. What would the second coming of The Young Pope look like?
  3. The A.V. Club reads your worst breakup stories and tells some of our own
  4. Is The Walking Dead finally back on track?
  1. We shout-out Saturday Night Live’s A.V. Club shout-out
  2. What does the whitewashing controversy mean for the Ghost In The Shell remake?
  3. How much of Legion exists only in David's mind?
  4. Lady Gaga follows the Super Bowl with RuPaul’s Drag Race
  1. SNL enjoys a ratings resurgence thanks to its Trump material
  2. What's Jack Nicholson going to do with Toni Erdmann?
  3. Kanye breaks up with Trump, and so close to Valentine’s Day
  4. Bill O'Reilly stands strong against Trump and Putin
  1. Who killed the Young Pope's [redacted]?
  2. Was Lady Gaga caught in a bad performance?
  3. Can South Park stay away from politics?
  4. Talking about President Trump talking about himself talking about Black History Month
  1. With Ben Affleck stepping down, who should direct The Batman?
  2. Learn how to make the perfect guacamole with chef Rick Bayless
  3. The Young Pope’s unholy sex scene isn’t just for show
  4. Samantha Bee leads the way in a crowded late-night field
  1. LMFAO supplied The Young Pope's biggest surprise yet
  2. On A.V. Club Live we discuss the SAG Awards and their inescapable politics
  3. Learn why "chode" is Bear Den's favorite swear word
  4. Bear’s Den performs “Dew On The Vine” live in our office
  1. What makes La La Land so divisive?
  2. We're hoping Michael Rapaport doesn't pick his next fight with us
  3. Is an Arrested Development prequel a good idea?
  4. Just how formidable a foe is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Radcliffe?
  1. Do The Young Pope's clues have to add up to anything?
  2. Breaking down the White House press secretary long-running grudge against Dippin' Dots
  3. Come discuss Trump's inauguration party before he dismantles us, too
  4. Everything about this A Dog's Purpose story just keeps getting worse
  1. Is Crackle really "the RC cola" of streaming services?
  2. The A.V. Club discusses Netflix's A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Neil Patrick Harris, and the sugar bowl
  3. The A.V. Club salutes Zelda II by reciting a few Hyrulian-themed sonnets
  4. What the heck is The Young Pope?
  1. We get roped into the brewing boxing match between Chris Brown, Soulja Boy, and rapping Mike Tyson
  2. There's always money in the banana stand—but is there another season in Arrested Development?
  3. The A.V. Club can’t wait to watch The Young Pope and Star Trek: Discovery
  4. The A.V. Club ponders if Haim is the next Taylor Swift
  1. The A.V. Club discusses how Meryl Streep is more presidential than Donald Trump
  2. How should the Star Wars universe carry on without Carrie Fisher's Leia?
  3. We're talking about Facebook's efforts to combat fake news
  4. Criminal's Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer take The A.V. Club's crime quiz
  1. Should they still make Christmas movies?
  2. It’s cold as shit so let’s make a trio of hot toddies
  3. Learn how to throw playing cards, Ricky Jay style
  4. The A.V. Club starts its day with a healthy beer advent calendar
  1. The A.V. Club tries to read your mind
  2. We're running down the year's best TV shows, numbers 16-30
  3. We're talking KFC's latest marketing stunt starring Fred Armisen
  4. Grunt author Mary Roach is an expert in 1-syllable book titles
  1. The A.V. Club attempts to throw cards like a ninja
  2. The A.V. Club chats about the year's best records
  3. Can The A.V. Club out-eat competitive eater Patrick "Deep Dish" Bertoletti?
  4. It’s The Holiday’s 10th anniversary, but is that movie any good?
  1. Discussing the year’s best trailers on A.V. Club Live
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